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In memory of C. Saratchandran!

Remembering documentary film maker & civil rights activist C. Saratchandran by screening his following films : organised by the Delhi Film Archive & Kriti Film Club

Venue: Habitat World, India Habitat Centre ( IHC ), Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Date: 7th May 2010Time: 7:00 pm
Entry: Free

The Bitter Drink

English (subtitled), 26 min, 2003, India

The people of Plachimada, Kerala take on the Coca-Cola corporation in a David an Goliath battle.

To Die For Land – The Ultimate Sacrifice

English (subtitled), 29 min, 2003, India

The film captures the adivasi land struggle in Chengara, Kerala. Located in Patnamthitta district, Chengara is witness to the occupation by 20000 adivasis of over 2000 acres of land belonging to Harrison Malayalam Company Ltd. For the adivasis who took over this commercial tea plantation land, the occupation is a defiant way to highlight their situation. Over the years, plantation companies with the active support of the government have ensured that the adivasis are now alienated from land that they once called their homes.

To order copies of the film, The Bitter Drink, write to us at: underconstruction@magiclanternfoundation.org

For other films by C. Saratchandran, log on to: Films by C. Saratchandran

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